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You are at the point of joining the Climate City Cup global movement.

The Climate City Cup is a chance for individuals around the world to collaborate in fighting climate change on the city level without waiting for regulatory pressure. Anyone who is willing to contribute to the well being of our planet should participate to the Climate City Cup. Register with friends who share your interests related to climate and let’s win together against climate change!

Through a friendly competition based on knowledge exchange and collaboration we aim at bridging existing communities and provide them a free access to technology and science in order to fight climate change.

So how can you get involved into defining the world we want to live in? You can be part of the Climate City Cup as an individual or take actions together with your local community. Tell us the city you represent and for the reminder it has to be a city you live in or you work in.

There is just one step left, register here!

Do you know already to which discipline would you like to participate?
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1. Emissions - Measuring air quality in my city (See the extra question below the form)
2. Mobility - Report on my commuting practices manually and through strava
3. Flight CO2 compensations through https://co2.myclimate.org/en/flight_calculators/new
4. Energy Consumption – fill an online form
5. Circularity - Food waste management – engage with local communities on food waste